Sunday, March 13, 2011


by: Melba Poff Shaver
March 13, 2011

From the moment I saw your laughter
on my lifestage,
heard it,
felt it,
breathed it in,
touched it,
laughed it with you,

(Smile ~ dreamed it !)

I knew I had crossed that line that most women never even know exists !

As safe as choices allowed, (allow),
As protected as fate became, (is),
As distant as barely rumbled thunder that I feel in the pit of my stomach,
We are still as close as breathing each others laughter ~
we are a quiet storm ~

I've kept my distance,
trying hard not to break the law (yours),
and never reached farther than my fingertips
but you touch them,
you're eyes see what mine see.

We climbed one fence ~ fun, crazy, laughing ~

We give those hugs that...hmmm...
(love the smell of your leather jacket).
I hang on to the rope we stretched between us,
you hanging on, trying not to fall,
me holding my breath, waiting for you to ~

It won't hurt ~
anyone !

We have each others laughter for lunch
at Lily's cafe'
but we leave dessert untouched ~
Mother made me promise not to have regrets when I'm dying,
I promised her (myself) that I wouldn't.

I like dessert with my laughter !

Friday, August 6, 2010

Queen Of Silver Castle

written by: Melba Shaver
August 6, 2010

She'll swim in silver through your dreams
of things you can see through
and leave you there on silver waves
that crash on your castle of sand.

She'll walk in silver through your mind
and trespass on your ability to choose
which road to take from nowhere...
(laughter) nowhere land.

She'll fly with silver wings through your soul
and take it with her when she leaves
and you'll be left with silver holes and silver tears
and her silver heart in your hand.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


by: Melba Poff Shaver

Oh no ! I think I lost my heart !
Ok...ok...let me think...where could it be ?
(I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached.)
I'm sure I felt it ticking when I got in the car...
I'm pretty sure I didn't have to use it at the bank...
I know it was beating when I was listening to that music...
Gotta find that thing...
...everything I feel is in there !
Oh no ! I'll bet I know wht happened to it...
Someone must have stolen it !

Sunday, November 15, 2009


by: Melba (Poff) (Blalock) (Hale) Shaver
I will have to leave in the rain and beg you to come this far.
You will follow me to the edge of tomorrow
with your fingers gripping where you are.
Damn it, man ~ time is not something we can borrow !
I will watch in my rear view mirror for you to open your door
and run to me in the deluge with a smile
~ or ~
sit there and watch me turn left and disappear into the last mile.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Perhaps I am just an ant, of sorts, to a higher food chain
and fate is 'whatever'
You may only be a shooting star
randomly 'forever'
Perhaps I do not have a choice in my destiny
and decisions are a programmed brain
You many be an integral part of me
a sweet refrain
Perhaps there is nothing after my last awareness
(if I even exist)
Thus ~ I throw my head back in what feels like laugahter
and love what feels like your kiss
Melba Poff Shaver
September 1, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009


Remember when life was great ?
The delicacies we ate ?
Goulash, cookie dough and cinnamon toast...
"nutritious stuff" to full little tummy's innermost.
When love was given with no expense
in innocence
and little hands picked little weeds for mama's vase
rmember when the "astro-nuts" sent frogs up in space ?
Then there was the time...and it covered the kitchen tabalae...
we made p-nut brittle and ate it 'til we weren't able !
What would we have done without our "weather girl" and her "windshield factor" ?
How many times did Jim's fingers get "slammed" in doors...what an actor.
Oh what a funny sight...the attack of the snake...
Karol was fast up the hill but Sherry's fear did overtake.
Bee's flew up daddy's pants!
War was declared between the black and brown anats !
Chickens roosted in the trees !
Wasps took over...under the eaves !
Blackberries grew...
Vegetables few...
Bullfrogs leaped down the hall
and "fall"...
when leaves colored our humble hill
and twirled and whirled and then lay still.
Sheila brought Santa to life for Jim...
he BELIEVED it was HIM !
One of our dogs ate the Easter eggs...
one of the dogs tried to eat my legs...
Lightning bugs bejeweled the night...
You kids bejeweled your fingers with their light.
With a steel garage door, we built a "heck-of-a-deck"
and a sandbox for Zack, in the back.
Eddie limbed a swing
and you know what, I trusted that thing !
Who could forget "Elvis"...
God rest his soul...
oh the stories that dog could've told !
Nobody knows what grew on Jim's bedroom floor
nor what went on behind Keri's bedroom door.
Jami primped, Keri danced, Jim joked
and if meals weren't calm,
daddy choked.
It's sad to recall when Jim stepped on the "pack-saddle"
and Jami mashed her fingers flat
and I quit smoking for six months
and got fat !
Jami fought with Misty.
Jim fought with Keith.
A burglar came one night
and gave Jim a terible fright.
Karol and Sherry's prom dances,
recording themselves in their "sing-along",
on the phone all day long.
The big ol' bed that Skip made...
where everybody laid.
And remember the toilet paper holder
that was the handle of a little black heater...
what could be neater ?
'cept when your dad "slid down Igou Gap on ice
and we laughed from the windows (now that wasn't nice) !
We gathered kindlin' and toted logs
and cleaned up trash strewn by the dogs
and remember the pool...
kept youkids cool !
But dad said, "Clean it, I mean it" !
"Get rid of the leaves and grime
and green slime" !
I'll never forget my black eye
that Sherry gave me when daddy chased us eith a jarfly...
nor when the dogwoods bloomed...
and sometimes, thunder boomed...
and indian corn hung by the kitchen door...
we thought we were poor !
Remember when Sheila had labor for two whole days
and began her motherhood ways
and I realized she was a woman that morning in September
when she came to take Karol and Sherry to school...oh how I remember !
I guess we didn't even realize it was a thrill
when shadows whispered upon our hill.
"A. J. Mom" drove the Maverick with holes in the floor
and the tardy bell rang just as the girls ran through the school door.
The rain came, the friveway went...
we filled the gullies with backs bent...
every month or two...
but the gullies grew
and in the end, we were beat...
we walked in the rain, sleet, snoe, cold and heat !
Remember when life was great
at the kitchen table in family debate
but nothing can top
~the flop~
our trip to Panama
when the car caught on fire, got stopped by the law,
Jami "caught" Jim's fish and both were in gloom
in the motel room...
soon joined by Keri...burned red
and when we finally got home...
the dog was dead...
and there for awhile,
daddy wasn't going to walk Karol down the aisle !
Some times that were bad,
broke my heart,
when daddy came home from the hospital, pulled up the hill in Lockman's cart...
couldn't even get up out of the bed...
could hardly raise his head...
and I saw him cry...
so afraid he was going to die.
Then the Christmas I was so sick and my shopping wasn't through...
there would have been no Santa, if it hadn't been for you !
If it hadn't been for all of you,
my memories would be few !
Yes...I well,
more than I can ever tell !


You knew the name that went with my face
in a photograph
taken since we met.
You put it on the refrigerator with a magnet
~to remind you...?
~that I'm here...?
You do love me on your highest level
which is my lowest.
We shared dishes long enough that we became comfortable
treating each other within our limits.
You wore me as a coat on the coldest days
but I was the one who was cold
~on the hottest days~
(and I smile because you won't have a clue).
That you couldn't help leaving me in your boredom
is why I need to get off.
When people need to become invisible
forever...or just to rest,
sharing the journey can feel like love.
God, it's no fun to take a trip alone !